Frustrated Ronaldo snatches reporter’s mic and throws it in lake


Real Madrid’s star striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, who was under criticism for not congratulating Iceland for a 1-1 draw against Portugal in a Euro Cup game, is now under fire for snatching the mic from a reporter and throwing it in the water.

A clip, which is as long as 21 seconds, showed that Cristiano Ronaldo strolling by a lake surrounded by security guards, a reporter from Portugal’s CMTV approaches him to ask the star a question, Ronaldo, without uttering a word, he just snatches his microphone and throws in the lake.

It has been a testing period for Ronaldo as he has been unable to score for his country in the Euro Cup campaign so far. He also missed a penalty against Austria and netted the ball when he was offside. The game against Austria was also a draw.

Portugal has an opportunity to book a last 16 berth in the Euro 2016 by defeating the Group F leaders Hungary on Wednesday at Lyon.

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