Gambhir speaks about the incident, Akmal’s appeal got him furious


Indian opener, Gautam Gambhir talked about the heated confrontation between him and the Pakistani wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal during 2010 Asia Cup game that held in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Gautam Gambhir, who had an ugly exchange of words with Shahid Afridi as well, talked to the comedian Vikram Sathaye in a talk show about that incident, “It happened in the heat of the moment. When India and Pakistan play each other then obviously it is a tense game.”

Gambhir blamed the TV network for airing the quarrel saying that the incident took place during the drink break and the channel should have shown advertisement instead of the fight.

“Whatever arguments happened between us were during the drinks break. However, instead of showing advertisements during the break, the channel opted to show our heated arguments,” he added.

The reason for the face-off between Kamran Akmal and Gautam Gambhir was an appeal that Pakistani wicketkeeper made, but, it was turned down by the umpire.

Gautam quoted the main reason for that ugly incident that Akmal made an appeal deliberately knowing that he hasn’t hit the ball at all.

“I had tried to play [the shot] and missed it fully. He appealed in such a way that he thought that the ball had hit the bat,” he said. “Then I told him that there was no point in appealing because nothing like that happened. We just got into a heated argument and then it just got from bad to worse,” he added.

The Indian opener went on to score 83 off 97 deliveries in that game and India registered a win as well after a close game.

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