Gilchrist hails Virat Kohli’s leadership skills


The former Australian wicketkeeper batsman, Adam Gilchrist feels Virat Kohli is a great leader along with a breathtaking batsman, he believes Virat is taking Indian team forward in all three formats of the game.

Gilchrist, who is often labeled as the one who revolutionized the role of a wicketkeeper in the modern cricket, says the Indian batting star has added flavor to Indian-Australian rivalry with his leadership skills in test matches.

Adam Gilchrist said, “Virat is so impressive. He has learnt leadership in front of our eyes. When he is in charge (in Tests), he is very keen to fight fire with fire. I feel he is inspiring a nation and the team to go forward,”

On one hand Gilchrist hailed Virat Kohli as a leader, on the other hand, he praised MS Dhoni for his services for India and said that no one can take away from MSD what he has done for his country.

Gilchrist feels as long as Dhoni is fit, he should continue leading India in the limited formats of the game, “It is not for me to speculate. MSD (Dhoni) said after the World T20 that he would be playing for a quite a while. He has been an amazing leader and contributor to Indian cricket. He can go on for long as he wants and Virat has at least 10 more years for cricket left in him. So he has got plenty of time (to play and captain India).”

The rivalry between Australia and India developed during the playing days of Adam Gilchrist and it is only getting intense with the passage of time.

He said, “The high level of intensity has continued from the time I played. I might not seem like that on the field but it is primarily down to the level of respect, respect in how very very decent your opponents are. Off the field yes there have been incidents of various individuals over the years and some of them were inappropriate. But the players and teams learn from that hopefully.

“Overall the relationship (between players of two teams) has been very, very strong, thanks to the IPL. But when you see two teams going hard at each other on the field, getting angry with each other, it is because they fear each other in a cricketing sense and that to me is a lot of respect for your opponent.”

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