Glenn Maxwell wants people to forget stupid nicknames


Glenn Maxwell is known for his exciting and smashing stroke play but in the third ODI against India he played a very responsible knock at a crucial stage of the match which meant that Australia easily chased down the total and won the series.

Maxwell said after the match, reported by ESPNcricinfo, that he is not pleased with all the nicknames that he gets due to his style of play and hoped that in the future people forget that but in order to do that he has to play such knocks more frequently.

“I probably got, early on in my career, a little bit too excited trying to score 150 strike-rate every game and trying to be the match-winner every game and I didn’t really finish the job a whole lot,”

“It’s going to have to be a slow grind. It’s going to have to be trying to change a lot of people’s perceptions of how I’m seen. I’m hoping a lot more innings like that and hopefully people will start to forget about the stupid nicknames and all that sort of thing, and the hype, and the trick shots. It’s something I’m trying to change and it’s been something I’m really working on.”


Maxwell thought that Australia has been absolutely phenomenal while chasing down these targets and it goes on to show why they are the best ODI side in the world right now. He added that the backing from the coach has played a vital role in how the team is performing because they are playing with a free will right now.

“It’s amazing the way our team is playing and the way we’ve been approaching those chases,” Maxwell said. “I don’t think a lot of teams are doing it like we are at the moment, as comfortably as it looks at the moment. To do it three times in a row is pretty phenomenal and probably shows why we’re No.1 in the world at the moment. It’s a backing from the coach to play with everything on the line, it doesn’t matter if you die trying, that’s fine, as long as you give it a crack.”