Glorious scenes at the stands of National Stadium Karachi


KARACHI: The electrifying atmosphere at the National Stadium Karachi as almost 33,000 crowds did not miss a chance to roar or to chant.

Fans were on their way to the stadium from as early as 7 AM, there was scorching heat in Karachi today and there were a number of security checks on their way to the stadium.
Despite so many challenges, there were smiles all around, people were having fun on their way from the shuttle to the stadium on foot, they were talking, laughing and planning to how to enjoy their time in the roofless stands of NSK.
As the stands got jam-packed, there were chants of Pakistan Zindabad, ALLAHU Akbar and they were shouting slogans of the teams as well.
Drone shot of National Stadium Karachi
There was a moment when everyone in the stands took out their mobile phones and switched on their flashlights, they were hoisting their phones in a chorus, which created a glorious scene at the stadium.
Moreover, there was Mexican Wave in the stadium as well, which reflected the emotions and excitement of the crowd.