Government to form new Sports policy

Government to form new Sports policy

Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fahmida Mirza on Monday said that the Government will consult with all the stakeholders to formulate a new sports policy as it has been completely overlooked in the past.

During the launch of Tree planting ceremony at Pakistan Sports Complex, the Federal Minister said that the Government wants the revival of Sports in Pakistan specially the national game Hockey.

Fahmida Mirza said that Sports is as important as education, “Sports must be taken as a subject as it has been ignored in the past,”

Talking about the betterment of Sports in Pakistan, she said that media should play its part to uplift sports in Pakistan by airing at least one-hour sports programs on regular basis.

She further added, “We will have to work on the promotion of sports and our culture to build a soft image of Pakistan at the international level.”

On the poor performance in the Asian Games 2018, the Federal Minister will conduct a meeting on Thursday.