‘Green Shirts’ might slip to 9th position in ODI ranking


Dubai: ‘Green Shirts’ are expected to be slip to 9th Position in the ODI ranking. On 1st of May, the team will move to its lowest ranking in ODIs for the second time in its history. Earlier Pakistan had to face a similar situation in 2015, Pakistan presently holds 8th position but would soon slip a step after the ICC’s annual update announcement on 1st of May.

In the ranking system, teams are ranked based on their past four years performance, which includes the new year’s performance while the past one year’s performance is subtracted. The teams performance up till 30th of April 2016 will be taken into account, based on which the teams positions are expected to look like this. Australia after gaining 2 points will still remain at the top, its total points will be 128. New Zealand will also retain its second position, India at number three and South Africa at four will also retain their position.

Bangladesh after gaining two positions will settle on fifth which would be its best position in history. England and Sri Lanka after losing one step will compromise on sixth and seventh positions respectively. West Indies will also progress by taking a single step to reach position eight. Pakistan will be pushed to position nine after losing a step and Afghanistan will be the tail ender amongst the top ten. The Green Shirts have 87 points to their credit but would lose 8 points after the 1st of May.

The table takes into account the team’s performance for the past three to four years and the change in team positions occurs during May. Before 2012 the annual update used to be done during August but then it started from May which includes results of all the ODI series completed after 1st of August 2013.

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