Gwadar off road rally’s participants praise army for the event

Gwadar off road rally's participants praise army for the event

Drivers competing in the third annual Gwadar off road rally praised army’s role in bringing back peace to Pakistan and hailed their act of holding the event.

“All the races taking place in Pakistan at the moment, [Pakistan] army has the main role in hosting them,” said seasoned driver Nadeem Khan, who participated in the event.

Nadeem Khan travelled all the way from Karachi to Gwadar to compete in the rally event and told that he would go anywhere to race if army hosts it.

“I have come all the way from Karachi without any fear of any hurdle,” he said. “It counts a lot, if the army will ask me to participate in a rally in Waziristan, I will go for it without a second thought,” he added.

The 240 kilometres long race track was challenging and fun at the same time.

“It is a tough track,” Khan said. “But, it is too much fun at the same time, it has sand, it has straight patches, it is a fast track.”

The event featured a hundred racers, which included three female drivers and an Iranian national, who loved his time in Pakistan.

“It feels like home. There are no problems or hostilities here. It’s all lies and drama,” he told.

The rally event kicked off on Friday and it was concluded on Sunday. The high-octane campaign featured famous racers Mir Nadir Magsi, Amir Khan Magsi, Pir Sahibzada Sultan and also Nadeem Khan.

Mir Nadir Magsi emerged as the winner in the prepaid category as he finished off the race in 2 hours, seven minutes and five seconds.

ARY News was the official media partner of the three-day event.