Hafeez advocates for resuming departmental cricket


Lahore: Mohammad Hafeez urged authorities to revisit their decision to close departmental cricket which had caused havoc. 

Speaking to a local news channel, Hafeez said a lot of players and officials suffered due to the closure of departmental cricket last year. “Without having an alternate option, closure of departments was not an ideal decision,” said Hafeez.

“A lot of players and officials are forced to do odd jobs to meet their ends after they lost their jobs due to closure of departmental cricket. I have a soft corner for all such affectees,” he added.

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The former captain thinks that closure of departments will also affect the mindset of the upcoming cricketer as financial support is need for a player to progress to club level cricket.

“I completely understand the importance of departmental cricket as I also came forward through it. Departments played an important role in developing cricketer as they provide strong financial support to the players which helps them meet their ends and pursue cricket as their profession. Closure of departments left no financial room for players at club level as only 190 players are entertained for the upcoming domestic season,” he highlighted.

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The former captain wishes to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan and raise this issue in front of him. “I am trying hard to meet PM Khan and I will discuss this issue with him. I want him to take this matter seriously as a lot of people were affected by this move,” he said.

It must be noted here that departmental cricket was dissolved on special directives of PM Khan who preferred quality over quantity. The decision to close departments followed huge backlash and a lot of players and officials were left out to do odd jobs such as online taxi service.

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