Hafeez seems confident over his bowling action test

Hafeez is confident over his bowling action test

Pakistan all-rounder, Mohammad Hafeez has undergone a bowling action test in Loughborough University in England on Wednesday and is confident to pass it.

As per Dawn News, the experienced all-rounder was asked to bowl four overs during the test, its result is likely to be announced in the next couple of weeks.

Hafeez’s action was recently reported during the ODI series against Sri Lanka, a failure in the test can result in suspension and he will have to remodel his and undergo a test again to be eligible to bowl at international level.

Mohammad Hafeez has earlier faced a one-year suspension from bowling at international cricket when he failed to pass the test twice. He remodeled his action during the span, took the test and cleared it to bowl against in international cricket.

However, the 37-year old is confident that he will easily pass the test and will return as an all-rounder for Pakistan.

“Everything went well and I am confident that the result of bowling action test will be good,” he said while talking to Dawn News.