Hafeez expresses grievance to PEMRA over negative TV campaign on injury


Mohammad Hafeez filed a complaint against the negative campaign over his injury on television during the Asia Cup and the World T20. The authority has taken the notice of Pakistan’s former T20 skipper’s objection.

According to PEMRA media department, Hafeez met its chief Absar Alam in Islamabad this week to highlight the issue. The 35-year old accused TV channels that they campaigned against him just for the sake of TRP.

Hafeez, who is popularly known as Professor, suffered femur bone injury during Pakistan’s Asia Cup campaign in Bangladesh, but, he kept on playing with pain killer injections until it become unbearable for him. Eventually, he missed four of the World T20 games.

There was news about some rifts between the players, especially some of the players weren’t having good terms with the captain, Shahid Afridi.

Some of the TV channels campaigned negatively against Mohammad Hafeez that he is faking an injury and warming the bench deliberately.

“There was no element of faking injury. In fact one should have praised Hafeez that he played through injury, risking a long layoff, just for the team and instead of praising his sincerity he was alleged to have faked the injury, which was very unprofessional and full of malice,” team sources favored Hafeez.

A PEMRA release revealed that Mohammad Hafeez expressed his grievance saying, “I have always played with sincerity and as an ambassador of Pakistan but false stories hurt my image badly and it should be stopped.”

According to the star batsman of Pakistan, the TV campaign against him has hurt not only him, but, his family has also suffered due to it.

Mohammad Hafeez did not name any channel in his campaign, but, said that some channels reported unprofessionally and irresponsibly without even taking his words on the issue.

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