Haider Farman – ‘The Giant’ at Heart

Haider Farman
Haider Farman - 'The Giant' at Heart

The world biggest rivalry between the two nations has reached in the ring where Pakistan’s mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Haider Farman defeated India’s Atif Mohammed Khadim in their strawweight fight in Bahrain.

Haider ‘The Giant’ Farman and Atif Mohammed Khadim ‘The Hawk’ clashed in the Brave CF 9 preliminary card, the fight went the distance and ended with Haider’s hand being raised as the winner.

Pakistan-India clash, in any sport, is more than just a game. It becomes about honor, it becomes about egos and it becomes nationalism and patriotism itself.

Haider started training in 2012 when he was just 16-years-old, his total fight record is 5 wins and 2 loses.

The Giant has faced a lot of hurdles when he chose MMA as a sport, even his parents were not in favor as they thought that this could be a dangerous sport for their son. Apart from that, Haider was not financially sound which added more difficulties to achieve his goal.

21-years-old, shared his recent fight experience in an exclusive interview with ARY. He said,”I was been notified about the fight a month before and my coaches made a game plan for me by studying my opponent, I execute the same game plan in the cage”.

“In the first round, I kept on striking that helped me to maintain dominance in the game. In the second and the third round, I played in the same way and finally judges declared me as a winner of the fight”, he added.

The Islamabad resident said that it was a very happy and proud moment for him as he was representing Pakistan and he got the victory against India.

‘The Giant’ in his name was given by his coach, he believes that Haider’s appearance is small but he has a big heart and his fight IQ which takes him over the cage.

Haider’s coach Ahtisham Karim, who is a Pakistani MMA trainer and co-founder of Fight Fortress Islamabad has also trained many successful fighters, including Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba, Uloomi Khan, Mehmosh ‘The Renegade’ Raza, Faizan ‘The Grenade’ Khan and Zeeshan ‘TNT’ Shah.

Coach Ahtisham has been coaching Haider since past four and a half years, he said,”Haider has joined us at a stage when we were actually discovering ourselves and the team was in a transition. Haider is a natural fighter, he is one of those guys in our team who was put on this earth to do this thing, he is a born fighter”, he concludes.

According to Haider, the only support that he got from the beginning is from his coaches, they supported him as an elder brother. Later on, he got support from his family when he won the fights.

Although it was a great achievement for Haider and a proud moment for the entire nation, the Government has never supported the fighters in any aspect.

Foreign countries have also offered him several times but Haider’s dream is to represent and fight for Pakistan only.

Coach Ahtisham Karim said that he has a lot of expectations from Haider as he is being known so he wants him to be humble and realize what are the things that brought him at this point and what will take him further beyond”, he said.

The Giant aims to become a champion in strawweight category and believes that there is nothing impossible in this world if you will struggle for it.