National captain Hajra, others announce not to feature in remaining NWFC 21


Karachi: The recent events in Pakistan’s football have led women’s team captain Hajra Khan and five others not to further participate in the 2021 National Women’s Football Championship (NWFC).

The other five players are Khadija Kazmi, Sarah Ali, Mashal Hussain, Maira Khan and Zarah Shah. Hajra posted a press release on his official Instagram account where she questioned the actions that can damaged the future of country’s football, particularly women’s football.

“Never before has such a transition taken place during a national competition and the timing of the transition conveys a disregard for the women’s championship,” the statement read as.

The players emphasized that the ‘haphazard cancellation’ and resumption of the championship under new management has raised concerns about the safety of the players participating in the competition.

They believed that the players are responsible for upholding game’s integrity which is being constantly challenged by politicized governance.


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The players challenged two issues that have exposed PFF during the recent events:

  • Governing bodies and the impact of their decisions on players and competition
  • How players are expected to comply with the team administrations’ political positions

In the end, the players also want other participants to take action as individual and collective choices matter.

Remember, PFF Normalisation Committee (NC) canceled NWFC after Syed Ashfaq Hussain’s group forcefully took charge of the PFF headquarters in Lahore on Saturday.

According to NC, Ashfaq-led group has seized all the data of the ongoing championship which forced them to cancel the tournament.

On the other hand, Ashfaq-led group changed NWFC’s management and announced the resumption of the tournament.

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