Harbhajan, Azharuddin agree while Amir Sohail slams Indian policy

Harbhajan, Azharuddin agree while Amir Sohail slams Indian policy

Former Pakistani opening batsman Amir Sohail bashed Indian policy for not keeping cricketing ties with Pakistan but playing against the arch-rivals in global cricketing events.

Ahead of Indo-Pak clash on June 4 in ICC Champions Trophy, Amir Sohail was talking at an event hosted by an Indian channel, where he lashed out on Indian policy, while his contemporaries, Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Azharuddin, agreed to the points he made.

“When you take such a hardened stance that you will not keep (cricketing) ties with Pakistan, then why do you play these world cup matches?” said Amir Sohail. “You should boycott these matches as well. Does money come in the equation here? Or you do not want to harm the Indian broadcasters who are televising ICC events?” he added.

The stylish left-handed batsman is unable to understand the logic behind it, he emphasized on keeping a clear stance, if it is a hardened one then keep it that way.

The Indian anchor questioned Amir Sohail that how can India boycott matches of ICC events and give Pakistan a walkover on which Sohail quoted the example of World Cup 1996, where Australia refused to play matches in Sri Lanka and gave the opposite team two points.

“India have to sacrifice somewhere to make a strong point, you cannot leave your stance when money is involved or to save your broadcasters. The real test for India will be when the broadcaster will be a non-Indian then I will see whether India plays against Pakistan or not,” he stated.

Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh completely agree with Amir Sohail’s argument and said then when there is tension or borders Indians only talk about cutting cricketing ties with Pakistan which gives an impression as if cricket is the apple of discord.

“I completely agree with him (Amir Sohail) because whatever happens on the border Indian authorities only talk about not playing cricket with Pakistan,” he said.

“If we are not to play cricket against Pakistan then it should mean no ICC’s match, no U-16 match and not any sort of cricket, in fact it should be applied on all sports,” he added.

Harbhajan further said that if they are to cut all relationship with Pakistan then there should not be business between the two nations and no sports. But, if India is to keep association with the neighboring country then there is no point of boycotting cricket series.

“If we are playing then we should play all matches or if we are not playing then why play ICC event’s match?” he went on to say.

On a question regarding loss for India for not playing ICC events’ games against Pakistan, he replied, “We should set priorities first, what is important for us, if you are thinking about points then where is your country now for which your were taking the stance.”

Mohammad Azharuddin also supported Sohail’s argument saying if they are taking position for their country, then stand by it in all circumstances.