Harsha Bhogle speaks about his commentary issues


Harsha Bhogle’s commentary contract was terminated by the BCCI a couple of days back and since then his fans have thrown their support behind the axed commentator and are definitely missing his well renowned voice.

Harsha posted a lengthy post on his official Facebook account where he stressed on the importance of the fact that he has always tried to be neutral while commenting on the game and he just portrays the story in the exact same manner as he perceives rather than being biased towards a particular side. He also praised IPL as a tournament and considered as a special tournament where you get to learn a lot.

Harsha Bhogle- Facebook
Facebook post (Part 1)

He added that he is still now sure why he has been removed from commenting and hopes that it is not because players are complaining about the way he commentates during a match.

Facebook post (Part 2)
Facebook post (Part 2)