Have to try and popularise the game in women, children: Ehsan Mani

Pakistan women team Ehsan Mani

The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ehsan Mani told reporters on Monday that he got surprised to see such a small pool of women cricketers in Pakistan and he will look to increase the numbers.

Pakistan are currently ranked at the seventh spot in team rankings, whereas they stand at the fifth position in the ICC Women’s Championship standings.

“I was quite surprised that the pool of women cricketers in Pakistan is very small, so obviously we have to increase the pool substantially,” he told reporters at a media briefing in Dubai.

He urged men’s associations to pay attention towards women’s cricket and work for its development.

“One of the main things we have to focus on is that all the men’s cricket associations in the country adopt women’s cricket equally and develop it in every town, every region,” he added.

Ehsan Mani quoted examples of India and Bangladesh, who worked hard to flourish women cricket and they got the results as well.

“India has done it very well, Bangladesh has done it very well. We are dealing with a very very small pool at the moment and this is going to be an important priority for me to develop this,” Mani said.

He told that the game of cricket is already popular among women and children, but they should work to attract them to play it.

“We have to try and popularise the game even more in women and children. It’s already popular but we have to get them to come and play.”