Here are unique playing conditions of inaugural ‘The Hundred’


London: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has announced the playing conditions of the inaugural season of ‘The Hundred’, scheduled to start from July 21.

The competition, comprising of 100 balls per inning, will have white cards to signal the completion of a set of five deliveries, and mandatory 50-second breaks at the change of ends every ten balls.

One of the unique feature of The Hundred is the move from “overs” to “balls” as the fundamental unit by which the contest is measured, however, the TV commentators and ground announcers are expected to use overs in the live broadcasting of a match.

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The powerplay will be the first 25 balls, where only two fielders will be allowed out of the 30-yard circle.

The fielding team can take a two-minute strategic timeout at any given point after the completion of a powerplay of 25 balls.

In case of caught dismissals, the new batsman will take the strike irrespective even if the two batsmen crossed each other.

One point will be awarded to each team if there is a tied match in the group stage. However, ‘Super Five’ will be played if there is a tied match in Eliminator and the final. Super Five as the name suggests will have five balls for each team.

In case a Super Five is tied, another Super Five will be played. But if that also ends in a tie, the team which would have finished higher in the Group stage will be awarded the victory.

An amended DLS method will be used in rain-affected matches. DRS will also be used for the first time in England’s domestic matches. The third umpire will also call the no-ball.

If a team is running behind on the over-rate, they will need to field with one less fielder outside the inner circle when the penalty is incurred by the umpire.

It must be noted that women and men events will be played side by side. Two Pakistani cricketers, Mohammad Amir (London Spirit) and Wahab Riaz (Trent Rockets) will be in action.

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