HimmatNaHaar !  


Its time our team learns to pick catches and more importantly our self-proclaimed sports analysts learn to behave on national media.

So sick of our media’s habit of bashing the cricket team..but today I think they were so irresponsible on how they ran their shows.

As they say somebody had to win and as it’s a knockout stage, someone had to go home.. All the 8 teams which booked births in the quarters were top class.. And it’s just a matter on how u keep your nerves strong to put up a good show on the ground in a high pressure game..but on some days all doesn’t go your way.

See what happened to Sri Lanka, a much more superior batting side..with their middle order having more than 40000+ ODI runs and yet they lost much sorely in their quarterfinal compared to us, that too against a team we taught a lesson by beating them on a low score.

Take out the positives please…! We had our top spinner and strike bowler out of the squad for different unavoidable reasons.., then our recent best bowler got injured too and yet we still managed greatly of what limited resources we had in the absence of Hafeez, Ajmal, Junaid and the injured irfan.

Had we taken those 2 catches and won the match..would the Australian team had to face such bashing on their national media ?

Take out the positives ..WahabRiaz has outshined any other attack bowler in the world cup which all great cricketing experts of the world are praising,, he has finally discovered himself.

We got a great opening batsman and keeper in Sarfraz and importantly we told the world that u don’t have to score 400+ to beat giants like RSA. So just build on the positives.

Lets be honest for a change and see that we were never the favorites, It’s a great achievement that we did put favorites like RSA and AUS into pressure and made them feel our heat.

Mohammmad Yusuf on Geo “Misbah tau batsman hi nahi hai wo aik sifarshi captian hai uski sari achievements tukkay se hoi hen

Sarfraz Nawaz on Dunya TV “Jowa jowa juaaaa juaaaaa sab juari hen Obama aurusama bin laden b Pakistan pe satta kheltay thay

Sikandar Bakht “Pakistani supporter hotay hoay sharam aa rahi hai mera kaleeja phatt raha hai

Doctor NomanNiaz (the self proclaimed cricket specialist “*Pak team was a disgrace to this tournament* (in front of 4 international cricketers in his peculiar accent)” Seriously ?… Get a life dude !

Get over it please!

AUS is a top side and it was their home game. Their players didn’t had to adjust with jetlag, temperature changes, atmosphere and they could get the new players in a day in case anyone got injured. Had a very much considerate coach maybe, not like our chewinggum beast.

Yes it’s true that we had the shakiest batting lineup, we dropped 15 catches in the tournament, our player’s fitness was a big question mark all time and we need to learn from this for future but more importantly our media houses need to keep it down a little. Its time our team learns to pick catches and our self-proclaimed sports analysts learn to behave on national media.

#HimmatNaHaar !

P.S: I am that unlucky cricket freak who received the world cup jersey with my name on it at 4pm after Pak lost to Australia just because the online shopping took 6 working days to ship 😐 .. but still I m not more heart broken than the Indian fans who wanted to play us in the Semis once again 😀