Hockey Crisis:  Zafarullah Jamali unhappy with secretary Shehbaz Ahmad.


Pakistan Hockey Federation President Brig (Retd) Khalid Sajjad along with Shehbaz Ahmad had an important meeting with former president PHF Mir Zafar ullah Jamali. Mr Jamali made it clear that all recent appointments including the appointment of secretary were unacceptable to him as they were totally against the directives of the Prime minister.

It’s pertinent to mention that Prime minister Nawaz Shareef who is also the patron in chief of PHF had given Mr Jamali the responsibility to organize the new set up and had instructed the secretary Inter Provincial Co-ordination ministry Ejaz Chaudhry to consult Mir Zafarullah Jamali for all decisions related to National hockey.

Mir Zafarullah Jamali had shown his displeasure for ignoring him while taking appointment related decisions including the appointment of the secretary. The prime minister took strict notice of this matter and asked PHF president Khalid Khokhar to immediately contact Mir Zafarullah Jamali.

Mir Zafarullah Jamali in an interview to BBC said that he stood firm on his decision and would not withdraw at any cost.

PHF president Khalid Khokhar is expected to meet Mir Zafarullah Jamali in Islamabad after which some important changes are expected in the national hockey set up.

Prime minister had set up a committee to know the facts regarding the debacle of national hockey team at the Olympics and it was revealed that PHF was responsible for improper dealing of  matters related to the team which resulted in a disastrous performance. After this unsatisfactory performance, Akhter Rasool was asked to resign and Khalid Khokhar was appointed as PHF president in his place. This is also worth-mentioning that Khalid Khokhar is a relitive of provincial minister Ahsan Iqbal.