How is Waqar as a coach?


Karachi: Recently in an interview to the media, Younus was about to speak his heart on Waqar Younus’s performance as a coach but somehow missed giving comments. Though the media insisted on having his comments but he refrained from doing so and said its better to keep quiet.

Nothing is hidden regarding the uncomfortable relationship between Waqar and Younus, as a few months back in an interview Younus feared of him being out of the test team had he not scored a century against Sri Lanka. I would have been dropped from the test team said Younus. Waqar was also not comfortable on Younus’s return in ODI, which the batsman knew and therefore announced his immediate retirement after the very first match. In a recent interview at Sharjah, coach Waqar mentioned that Younus should have retired after completing the series, the batsman didn’t welcome this statement and while speaking to the media in Karachi he refrained from giving any comments regarding Waqar to avoid any sort of controversy and compromised on keeping quiet.

Younus said many of my fans are happy on my retirement from ODI and I wanted to take the decision myself therefore I expect everyone to respect my decision. For those who are offended on my retirement I can hardly do anything about that as I know the batting line has weakened but there is plenty of opportunity for the youngsters to replace me.