“I am fully hopeful to visit Pakistan soon”, says Djokovic


World no. 1, tennis player Novak Djokovic of Serbia expressed his well wishes for his Pakistani supporters and hopes to visit to Pakistan soon.

In an interview he said “I started playing tennis at the age of five and want to keep playing tennis like a great player.”

The tennis star coined winning Grand Slam was his dream and he had struggled hard to become a star player. The Serbian star still feels excited with the fact that he is recognized by fans all around the globe and he has the celebrity status now.

Novak Djokovic has 11 Grand Slam titles to his credit, winning record 6 times Australian Open, 3 times Wimbledon and twice US Open; however, he hasn’t been able to win the French Open to date.

He said, the most important thing for him was to present a good game in front of the world and he still wants to achieve a lot more.

Novak is not only a champion tennis player, but, also active in welfare projects. In 2007 he established Djokovic Foundation which is works for children’s education.

Replying to a question regarding welfare activities, he said “It’s a part of our self existence; the world has been created so that we live together and help the needy. It hardly makes any difference whether you are a tennis champion an athlete or not, it is important that you give back something in return and help the people as much as you can”.

Djokovic added, “The Foundation was established in 2007, however, the mission of educating children began in 2011, and we had to work in a specific direction for which we required the support of philanthropist. We are still a small Foundation and are working in collaboration with UNO’s UNICEF organization for small children education”.

“This is not a job, but, a responsibility and is totally different from some ones character, lifestyle or values which keeps them realizing”.

In a message to his Pakistani supporters Djokovic said “I am expecting you’ll keep watching me play and my well wishes are with you, whereas I am fully hopeful to visit Pakistan soon.”

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