I can’t say who I’ll miss more, because both players’ services are extraordinary: Asad Shafiq

I can't say who I'll miss more, because both players' services are extraordinary: Asad Shafiq
Shukriya Pakistan

As Misbah Ul Haq and Younis Khan are nearing to play their last Test for Pakistan, their young teammates have already started to think of the dressing room without them.

Asad Shafiq, Pakistan’s star batsman is unaware that who he will more out of the two but he believes that they will have to work extremely hard to fill the big shoes of the two departing legends at the same time.

“I can’t say who I’ll miss more, because both players’ services are extraordinary. Both have won a number of matches for Pakistan. We will have to work extra-hard to fill up the space that will be left by their departure,” he said while talking to ESPNCricinfo.

Shafiq has thoroughly enjoyed batting with the two senior pros and he has learned a lot from them. “The experience of batting with them has also been so much fun. When I had good partnerships with them, I learned about how to mold my batting according to various conditions and the other sides’ strengths,” he added.

Asad Shafiq talked about Misbah’s nerves of steel and his behavior with young players is amazing. He feels lucky that he got the opportunity to play under his leadership.

“Under Misbah’s captaincy, the atmosphere in the dressing room has always been wonderful. In situations where regular people would panic, Misbah does not, and this is his biggest strength. His behaviour with junior players is exemplary and I am lucky to have played under him.

The 31-year old feels that Misbah and Younis have handled young cricketers brilliantly and they never let them feel that they are so much senior than them. He praises the experienced duo that they taught him things in three or four years that he would have learned in five or six years without them.

“Misbah and Younis’ role in my career is very important. When as a junior player you come to the team, you have been watching players like Misbah and Younis for a few years. Initially, you are nervous around them, because there is a culture – especially in Pakistan – that the difference between junior and senior players is very keenly felt. But their behaviour with the junior players is exemplary,” he told.

“Things that I would have learned in five-six years if Misbah and Younis hadn’t been around, I ended up learning in two-three years. Not just me, but all the junior players who have come into the team have benefited as both batsmen and human beings,” he added.