“I feel that as a Pakistani I am scrutinised more than bowlers from other countries,” says Ajmal


Saeed Ajmal has criticized the International Cricket Council’s testing procedure to test the dubious bowling actions, showing concern that the ICC cannot prove accuracy of their results.

Ajmal, who is also popularly known as Magician, questioned the testing of ICC, “Careers are at stake here and these things need to be tested thoroughly before bowlers are banned. Can the ICC say that their testing procedures are absolutely accurate? No, they cannot. Therefore, the careers of bowlers are being jeopardised by equipment that is not totally accurate.”

The off-spinner redmodeled his action after being banned by the ICC, but, somewhat lost his effectivess, he told Pakpassion, “Modern day cricket has become a game that has been designed for batsmen,” he further added, “Spinners are penalised for their bowling actions but look at the size of cricket bats these days, they are like tree trunks. Also look at the power-play rules and the relevant field-settings. Fast bowlers have been given two bouncers an over, but what concessions have the spinners been given? I’ll tell you what they’ve been given, nothing apart from more suspicion and scrutiny.”

Saeed Ajmal said that the ICC does not treat all bowlers equally, there is a clear discrimination in their judgement. “The art of off-spin is dying; the number of off-spinners around the world is dwindling and even some of those have dodgy actions,” he continued, “I feel that as a Pakistani I am scrutinised more than bowlers from other countries. Everyone can see that some bowlers are getting away with their actions, but others are monitored closely and banned. It seems to me that the actions of bowlers from Pakistan and Bangladesh are watched more closely than other countries by the ICC.”

Ajmal expressed his frsutration that there are many bowlers in the international circuit who are bowling with a doubtful action, but, ICC not paying a heed towards them.

The Magician said, “There are several bowlers out there whose actions are not clean but they never get reported,” he added, “I cannot name them of course but it’s obvious who I am referring to. I have video proof that the bowling actions of some bowlers are not legal but they have never been reported. What hurts me is that I was suddenly banned after seven years of playing international cricket and no consideration was given for my unusual action due to an accident I was involved in.”

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