‘I got more support and love in Pakistan’ says Indian golfer Honey Baisoya


Honey Baisoya– an Indian golfer said that the love and support he got in Pakistan is much more than that in India.

Baisoya who is participating in the ongoing UMA-CNS Open Asian Tour Golf Championship feels like he is playing at his home’s golf course where all the facilities are as good as in his country.

“There are no hiccups in saying that this golf course is similar to the one where I practice in my country,” he said.

He praised the Karachi golf club’s management to provide International level facilities to entertain all golfers in a best possible way.

“I must appreciate the management here for their efforts and even not for a while we felt like we are in Pakistan,” said Baisoya who ended his first-day play on an impressive note besides local golfer Shabbir Iqbal.

The 27-years-old golfer said that his mother was a bit concern about his tour to Pakistan but he wanted to visit the country where golf is gradually coming under the limelight.

“My mom and some of my friends were asking me to not go to Pakistan but now I will share some superb memories with them,” he said.

Baisoya feels that the relations between India and Pakistan should be solved by spreading peace and love.

He was quick to add that public to public relations are good but the governments are fighting with each other for achieving personal interest.

“I think there is no issue between the people of both the countries, we also need this issue to get solved,” said Baisoya who feels like home in Pakistan.