‘I have many great ideas for boxing in Pakistan,’ says Amir Khan

‘I have many great ideas for boxing in Pakistan,’ says Amir Khan

Pakistani-origin British boxer Amir Khan said that he has some great plans for Pakistan boxing and he wants to inspire the youth of the country to prosper in this sport.

He told that Pakistan has great potential of boxing and people love the sport there that is why he has opened an academy in the capital city, Islamabad.

“I want to inspire the youth of Pakistan to go forward in boxing, I have many great ideas for boxing in Pakistan,” he stated while talking to ARY News on the opening ceremony of Mike Tyson’s boxing academy in Dubai.

“I visit Pakistan twice or thrice every year, people love boxing there that is why I have opened a boxing academy in Islamabad,” he told. “My aim is to bring the next champion from my academy,” he added.

Khan also mentioned his academy’s achievement in All Pakistan Boxing Championship where six of his boxers won gold medal, while four claimed silver medal.

Amir Khan intends to open a boxing academy in Dubai as well. Despite of being a frequent visitor of Dubai and owning gyms there, Mike Tyson opened his academy before him.

Answering a question regarding Tyson opening his academy in Dubai before him, Khan said, “My total focus was on Pakistan, now I have got time as my boxing academy in Pakistan is ready, now it’s time to shift my sight to Dubai.”

Former World Champion told his plans that he is currently training in San Francisco for his next fight which is likely to place in November.

“I am currently training in San Francisco for my next fight, I was going to have a fight in April that did not take place so I have postponed the fight till November as I want to spend the month of Ramadan with my family and get back to training after the Holy month,” he told.

Mike Tyson’s champion philosophy

Mike Tyson told that the reason behind opening a boxing academy in Dubai is that it is the most beautiful city of the world and it holds the future.

The boxing legend believes that it is an international sport and irrespective of the country anyone can be successful in it.

“Boxing is an international sport, it is just amazing,” he said.

Mike Tyson also shared his philosophy of being a champion in life.

“Our clubs are trying to make everybody a world champion, champions in their lives. Not everybody in the world is going to be the World champion. They’ll always be champion in life. Everybody could be the champion in life.,” he said.