I know what is going on and I would land in a lot of trouble if I spilled the beans: Fawad Alam

I know what is going on and I would land in a lot of trouble if I spilled the beans: Fawad Alam

Pakistan’s ignored middle-order batsman, Fawad Alam told during an interview that he knows the exact reasons why he is not selected and if he will speak about it, it will create a storm and get him into trouble.

“I know what is going on and I would land in a lot of trouble if I spilled the beans. I know what is going on behind the scenes and if I tell the truth then there will be a huge storm and backlash so I guess it’s best to keep quiet on this topic,” he said while talking to PakPassion.

Alam believes that he is overlooked just on the grounds of personal liking and disliking. He further revealed that getting picked and then dropped for no reason from the team is confidence shattering.

“There are obviously some reasons why I am not being given another chance, despite performing consistently in domestic cricket. I guess this could simply be a case of ‘liking’ and ‘disliking’, but I cannot say for sure. In the past, when the selectors recalled me, I performed and then I was dropped again without any reason,” he told.

“You don’t make players by continually picking them and then dropping them. You shatter the confidence of players if you keep ignoring their performances. If you perform for your country and do well and then get dropped, well that is just confusing and demoralizing,” he went on to say.

On a question regarding coping up with all the disappointments, the 31-year old stated that he wants to stay positive and keep scoring, moreover he is used to such treatment from selectors now.

“I just have to keep on making runs and performing in domestic cricket for SSGC and stay strong and positive and ensure that when I do get another chance for Pakistan, I am on solid ground and cannot be dropped.

“I’ve sort of got used to the disappointments now as they have been so regular. My family plays an important part as they help me remain positive and back me all the way. I just feel like I have been the fall-guy for the selectors, the man they drop as soon as something goes wrong or when there is one bad result,” he shared.

As Misbah Ul Haq and Younis Khan retired from international cricket, Pakistan’s Test team is left with two huge gaps to fill. Alam, who has an average of over 56 in first class cricket, is hopeful to fill the big shoes in the team, however he is not much positive about it.

“Look, spots have become available in the past as well but I was ignored so the omens don’t look too good. I was ignored when spots were available in the One-Day team not so long ago as well as when spots became available in the Test side. I’m hopeful, but let’s see as nothing is predictable,” he said.

Fawad Alam feels honoured that cricket fans believe in him and call him a deserving player. He is determined to not let down his father, who was a first class cricketer himself and his fans.

“My well-wishers say that there has been injustice against me and that is an honour for them to say this. I have earned a lot of respect in my career and that is something that I will not throw away,” he said.

“My father has always taught me to earn respect and to respect the game of cricket. My father has always been a staunch supporter of me and I don’t want to ever let him or my fans down. My uncle who also played cricket has been a huge help and a supporter as well. I would never dream of letting these people down and they are why I am still positive and have the hunger to perform well and play for my country,” he concluded.