“I love English cricket” says KP


Kevin Pietersen is disappointed to hear that some of the players from the current English team are reluctant in contacting him for advice regarding the game.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Kevin Pietersen said: ‘I think it’s just a sad, sad state that the messages that I receive from some of the current players are that it’s difficult for them to ask me questions and advice because they fear that they might get into trouble for getting in touch with me.

‘I know for a fact that there was a little bit of a worry that getting advice from me would be frowned upon.

‘I just think that it’s quite a sad position, with what I’ve achieved in the game for England, that it’s seen to be sort of a no-go.

‘I love English cricket. I want these guys to do well and I’m glad that they’re doing so well. I love seeing what Paul Farbrace and Bayliss are doing with that side at the moment.’

He was adamant that English players should play in IPL because he considers it as a very vital part of current cricket structure. He said that Morgan has benefited from playing in the IPL and wanted other players to reap the same benefits. He said

‘That’s what I was saying for years,’ he added. ‘I said why can’t these players go and play in the IPL where you learn so much and you meet different players?

‘You actually look forward to going to these places because you’ve got a home ground and you’ve got your favourite restaurants so touring becomes easier, which means when you go away with your country you actually think, “perfect, this is like a home for me – it doesn’t feel alien to me”.

‘The captain of the one-day side played in the IPL. It’s brilliant for Eoin Morgan, for his development, and for English cricket.

He also said that his troubles were all due to the fact that he had a different view to things unlike the English Cricket Board but was happy to see how the players are performing right now.

‘It’s what got me into all my trouble at the ECB, disagreeing with players not being allowed to go and play.

‘I’m not cross. I’m happy for everybody to go out there and achieve what they want to achieve and for people to become better people and better players.

‘I feel happy for the players. I really think it’s amazing.’