‘I would have feared playing Wasim Akram’ says Virat Kohli


Indian batting star Virat Kohli recently disclosed that he would have feared playing against Pakistan’s legendary pacer Wasim Akram if he had to play in those days.

In an interview to CNN he said ‘Wasim is a fast and skillful bowler, I would have feared playing against him.”
While replying to a question the star batsman said Pakistani and Indian players have lot of respect and admiration for each other.

When asked if it makes a difference while playing against Pakistan compared to other teams, he said “Now it is not so but in the initial days, I had a different mindset. When I came to play for Indian team, I saw those games as a fan.”

Kohli added “ I didn’t know how the players interact in the dressing room but if you see the Pakistani and Indian players talk to each other, you can just keep laughing.”

He further added that since both Pakistan and Indian players understand each other’s language so they develop a sense of respect and admiration for each other.

It may be noted that Kohli had earlier spoken very high about fast bowler Muhammad Amir.

He said, ‘Watching Amir’s skills I can say for sure that had he been playing for the past five years he would have been amongst the world top three bowlers today.”

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