‘Big 3’ structure may get suspended


Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman, Shahryar Khan has hinted that the ‘Big 3’ set up might get suspended after the ICC meeting in Dubai.

Shahryar Khan told media that he is leaving for Dubai to attend the ICC meeting and its agenda is to dissolve ‘Big 3’ system and implement a new structure for the ICC.

The structure of the ICC was revamped back in 2013, where India, Australia and England become the main stakeholders of the International Cricket Council, who are the highest revenue earning boards. The Big 3 system was heavily criticized by neutral authorities and predicted that it may destroy cricket.

When Shashank Manohar took the post of ICC Chairman, he showed some serious concerns about the revamped structure and wasn’t confident over it.

Shahryar Khan said that the PCB has jot down some suggestions, which he will put forward in the meeting,  to make the system firmer, which can give all the stakeholders equal opportunity to grow.

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