ICC calls meeting to look into the sponsors, organisers of T10 League

ICC calls meeting to look into the sponsors, organisers of T10 League

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has called an important meeting in the following week to investigate the sponsors and organizers of T10 and other leagues.

ICC has shown concerns over leagues’ fundings after reports regarding unknown sources of T10 League funds surfaced recently.

Geoff Allardice, general manager of cricket for the International Cricket Council (ICC) said that among different agendas, sanctioning and regulations of leagues will also be discussed in next week’s meeting.

“One of the things we will be talking about in our meeting next week is around regulations and sanctioning of events and also the release of players (for leagues),” Allardice told media.

The cricketing body will inspect all the documentation and structures about the ownership and how leagues are funded.

“So you look at all of the documentation and the ownership structures and how the league is going to be funded and all these types of things and then you provide approval.

“It’s not just going to be an open door for any promoter to come in. I think it will be a bit harder to get sanctions in the future and any tournament would need both the support of the home country and the ICC,” the official statement added.

Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) chairman, Ehsan Mani refused to issue Pakistani players No Objection Certificate (NOC) unless he gets satisfactory answers about T10 League’s organisers.

PCB raised reservations over the T10 league after the investigations about their Indian owners’ wrongdoings started in their homeland.

“So the future success of a league is in jeopardy. The other thing is if we get reports that that sort of things happen then the likelihood of sanctioning the second edition of a league is significantly reduced,” said Allardice.

“I think perhaps the hurdles to jump for a promoter to put on a T20 league are going to be a bit higher and that the vetting process by both the host country and by the ICC would be enhanced.”