ICC Chairman opposes Big three


BCCI president and the recently appointed ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar has come out with a radically different statement about the role of Big 3 in cricket as compared to his predecessors. Manohar has said the three nations, Australia,India and England, should not bully the ICC and every member nation should have an equal say. He added that giving the control of financial matters to three nations is absolutely wrong and these matters need to be rectified.

In an interview with “The Hindu” the BCCI President was quoted as saying

“I don’t agree with the three major countries bullying the ICC. That’s my personal view, because as I have always said, an institution is bigger than individuals. You cannot guarantee which individual will occupy the top position in either of these countries. And, the ICC constitution, as it stands today, says that in all the major committees of the ICC, these three countries will be automatically there. So all the financial and commercial aspects and the executive committee will be controlled by the representatives of these three countries which according to me is wrong. You should have the best man, whether he comes from Zimbabwe, or West Indies, or even from an associate or affiliate to work on a committee, who will promote the interests of the ICC “

In another question about the role of the Asian Cricket Council, which had reduced due to the revamp, Manohar was not happy at its current state and he criticised the decision to make payments to nations directly rather than dispersing them through the ACC.

“The ACC was looking after the development in Asia. When the payments are made directly to different boards, ACC has become powerless”

Manohar has already talked to the ECB president Giles Clarke about this issues regarding the ICC and he said that Clarke had agreed with him.