ICC considers mandatory four-day Tests as part of WTC from 2023


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is likely to consider the four-day Test matches in the international schedule and also the part of the World Test Championship (WTC) from 2023.

According to a renowned website, the demand for limited-overs cricket, the addition of T20 tournaments around the globe, adding more ICC tournaments in a calendar year, the parent body wants to cut down 5-day Test cricket to 4-day.

The four-day Test matches rather than five-day matches from 2015 to 2023 would release 335 days. The cricketing boards will have a chance to host matches in a Thursday-Sunday window, which will allow the fans to watch the elite form of cricket on weekends.

98 overs will be bowled in a day rather than 90 and it will also cut down 58 overs of the Test match.

Recently, Kevin Roberts the chief of Cricket Australia said that they are seriously considering 4-day Tests and might host Afghanistan in 2020.

It must be noted that two 4-day Tests have been played until now. Last year in December 2019, South Africa hosted Zimbabwe and in May this year, England in their home season hosted Ireland.