ICC to introduce new points system for second World Test Championship


Karachi: As New Zealand clinched first-ever ICC World Test Championship (WTC), the preparation for the second edition have been started.

The second cycle will start with England hosting India for five-match series, starting on August 4.

According to details, unlike the inaugural edition that induced changes in the points tally midway of the first tournament, ICC has decided on a comparatively streamlined points system to avoid any discrepancy in the upcoming second edition.

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Previous edition that was attributed a total of 120 points for a series (regardless of the number of matches played in the series), the second edition will see the same accreted points for each match- a maximum of 12 per match.

In the newly developed system, teams will be ranked on the percentage of available points they won from the matches they have played. The system will facilitate easy comparisons of the teams on the table at any point, even if they would have played different numbers of matches and series.

ICC’s acting chief executive officer Geoff Allardice deliberated the changes curated in the second edition of WTC’s points table in his recent chat with ESPNcricinfo.

Like the first WTC cycle, played between 2019 and 2021, the second edition will see each of the nine Test teams playing a total of six series: three home and three away.

ICC WTC 2021-23: Operation of Points System during second edition

  • Points given for a win: 12
  • Points given for a draw: 4
  • Points given for a tie: 6
  • Besides, Teams will face penalties for slow over rates- one point deducted for every over they fall behind.