ICC weighs introduction of 13-side ODI league


The International Cricket Council is looking to introduce a new cricket league in which 13 teams (10 test playing nations and 3 associate sides) will take on each other in a brand new cricket league format.

The league is expected to benefit the 50-over format, which seems to be getting overshadowed by the vastly played 20-over format.

According to the new ODI format, all the teams involved in the league will play three ODIs against each other in the span of three years, while the fourth year will be designated to the world cup preparations.

The three teams that are speculated to join the 10 test playing nations for the league are Afghanistan, Nepal and Ireland.

The top two sides will lock horns in a play-ff series to determine the overall winner of the league.

The system also features the view of promotion and relegation. The team that will end up at the bottom of the league will have to play the second tear called the World Cricket League Championship, possibly after a play-offs with the lower division’s championship.

The new format will allow more exposure to associate teams that will attract more audience and sponsors from around the world and would be profitable for the international cricket.

The world cup qualification and seeding process will also be decided from the outcomes of the league.

The plans will be discussed in the annual International Cricket Council meeting that is scheduled at the end of June at Edinburgh.

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