ICC World Cup trophy reaches Islamabad

ICC World Cup trophy reaches Islamabad

The Cricket World Cup trophy tour is in full swing as the trophy reached Islamabad on Friday after completing the first phase in Lahore.

In the second leg, the trophy was exhibited in a private school where a huge number of students gathered to witness the historic moment.

The trophy will be next displayed at Rawalpindi Stadium today in the evening. On Saturday it will be showcased at different historical venues of the Capital.

In the final phase, the trophy will be taken to Karachi for the exhibition at National Stadium, as well as to some of the schools and universities for two days – October 7 and 8.

The 11-kg glittering trophy will stay in Pakistan till October 8.

The 12th edition of the ICC World Cup is slated to start from 30 May with hosts [England] taking on South Africa.