If you are a Test cricket fan, here is good news for you


In a bid to strongly welcome Test cricket in the country after 10 years, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to encourage cricket fans to come to the stadium by reducing the price of tickets.

According to the sources, the cheaper ticket for the match will be Rs 100 while the VIP enclosure ticket will cost Rs 500. The general enclosure tickets will be available for Rs 200.

The cricket has decided to execute this plan to bring as much crowd as possible during the two-match Test series in Rawalpindi and Karachi respectively. The plan for ticket purchase will be disclosed later.

On the other hand, students from school and colleges will also be brought in the stadium to witness the international Test cricket.

It must be noted here that the first Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is scheduled from December 11-15 in Rawalpindi while Karachi will host the last contest from December 19 to 23.