“If we aren’t champions, then winning the Pichichi is worth nothing,” says Suarez


Luis Suarez claimed that it would be worthless to be the top scorer in the season and win the Pichichi award if his club doesn’t win the La Liga title on Saturday.

Barcelona will travel to Andalucia for the final league game of the season. If Barcelona fails to win the game on this Saturday, it will open an opportunity for the rival club, Real Madrid, which is just one point behind Barca. Real Madrid will also be playing on Saturday against Deportivo.

The Uruguayan star striker, Luis Suarez is currently the leading scorer in the La Liga four goals ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo with 37 goals.

But, Suarez said that the club is only focused on winning the league title.

“If we aren’t champions, then winning the Pichichi is worth nothing,” Suarez said during Thursdays’ news conference. “Our main goal is to keep a clean sheet. After that, we know that we can make the difference that is how our last four matches have gone. We are aware that [during the dip in form] we didn’t have the aim and the clarity to win the league crown. But we have improved in both our attack and our defence. We have to be strong mentally.”

A team that has goal scorers like Messi and Neymar, but, Suarez being the top scorer suggests that Barca is working as a team.

Suarez said, “Forwards exist to help the team win,” he went on to say, “I think Leo is proud to help the club. But he would be happier to win La Liga than to be the top scorer.”

Barcelona is in the position to win both the La Liga and Copa del Rey, they were in a similar position two years back in 2014, but, they lost to Granada by 1-0 and missed the title.

“We can win the two titles or lose them. We are the best team in the world, and we know the pressure that comes with it, but we depend on ourselves,” he said.

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