IK supports Indo-Pak series


Former Pakistan captain and World Cup winning captain Imran Khan has come out in support for the series between Pakistan and India. He said that both countries will benefit due to the series and youngsters will especially learn a lot from the pressure of this high profile encounter.

Imran was talking to media during an election campaign on Monday (quotes via Zee News)

“Bilateral cricket ties will benefit both countries. Because playing against each other helps groom the players to handle the pressure situations well,”

“It is especially important for the younger generation of players in both countries to get a chance to play against each other regularly it will help them in their development,”


The 63 year old former captain also added that both countries should keep their politics and sports apart because this match up is a terrific sight and the world wants to see such contests on a regular basis.

“Both countries need to keep sports away from politics. An India and Pakistan match is always a big spectacle even in world cricket,”

Imran said that experiments in the T20 format is possible but you need a set outfit in the ODIs and stressed on the fact that Pakistan should improve their selection in 50 over format in order to succeed.

“In T20 cricket, you can get away with experimentation’s but in ODIs the selection must be on spot. I think we have to get our team selection right in limited overs cricket,”

Finally he was not at all amazed to see the 40 year old rookie, Rafatullah Mohmand, to make his debut at this age  because it did not seem logical to him.

“How can you debut a person who is nearly 40-years old. It defies logic to me.”