“I’m still going and doing the best that I can,” says Serena Williams


Serena Williams is the top ranked tennis player and one of the wealthiest sportspersons in the world, but, the legendary tennis star believes she hasn’t ‘made it’.

Williams, who has achieved almost everything what most of the people can only dream of, says she is still going and putting all her efforts.

The American tennis star has 21 Grand Slams titles to her name; she had won four gold medals and has made around $75 million in her career as prize money.

Serena Williams is often regarded as the best female tennis player of all time and is counted as one of the greatest female athletes of the present time. Williams is not only limited to tennis, she also runs a fashion line HSN and a foundation by the name of SW Funds.

The reigning French Open and Wimbledon Champion says that she is determined about everything in life as she is about tennis.

She revealed that when one gets into tough time, you need to reboot yourself, recompose your thoughts, you should be persistent and never think about quitting what you are doing.

Williams doesn’t feel that winning Grand Slams or Wimbledon actually means success, she told CNBC, “I think success is how you define it,” she said. “Each person has their own success point and grade.”

Despite of being an immensely famous sports personality, Williams keep looking for new challenges, new things that people can enjoy and sometimes that the star herself can enjoy as well.

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