Imran Khan was Kapil’s inspiration


Imran Khan is on a visit to India as part of the “Aaj Tak Agenda 2015” where he was asked interesting questions by the reporters present.

One of the reporter asked Imran Khan about his inspiration in cricket and whether Kapil Dev inspired him but before Imran could answer the question Kapil intervened and said that it was Imran who inspired him rather than the other way round.

I Was Always Inspired By Imran Khan 

Answering other questions Imran Khan and Kapil Dev discussed the pressure of the India and Pakistan clash and the expectations from the crowd from both nations. Kapil also said that the competition between the two all rounders was always in the back of his mind because he was junior than the rest of the all rounders, including Imran Khan, on the circuit which is why he always wanted to out perform Khan. The former captain Imran Khan also shared an interesting story about Pakistan’s loss against India in Kolkata and the its funny after events (Video via India Today)