‘Imran Khan does not interfere in board’s matters,’ says Mani

'Imran Khan does not interfere in board's matters,' says Mani

ABU DHABI: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani said on Tuesday while talking to media that the Patron-in-Chief, Imran Khan does not interfere in board’s matters and he has left everything on him.

On a question regarding Prime Minister Imran Khan’s role in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan, the board chief stated that it is PCB’s responsibility.

“It is [bringing international cricket back to Pakistan] is board’s job,” said Mani. “If I need his [Imran Khan’s] help to talk to an embassy or foreign office, he will definitely help us in that regard.”

He further talked about revival of international cricket and told that there is no timeframe for that, though they are trying.

Mani also clarified that the PCB has not yet proposed Cricket Australia (CA) to play one of their scheduled games in March next year in Pakistan.

“We have not requested yet, there are speculations. Though, we will surely request them,” he said. “We let ourselves down a bit with New Zealand, there was a blast in Mastung in Baluchistan, which is 700 to 800 miles away from both Lahore and Karachi, but they only heard the news about explosion [in Pakistan].

“I was trying to explain the same thing to Australians that it is like you are sitting in Canberra and there is an explosion in Singapore or in Northern territories, Sydney won’t be affected by that. It is all about perception, they do not understand the geography of Pakistan,” he told.

He also touched the issue of forming a cricket committee of former players, who will help the board with game-related activities.

“Cricket committee will choose selectors, they will look after their appraisals, they will oversee the coaching-related matters or pitches in domestic. All the play-related issues will be addressed by former cricketers, they will recommend me and then we will take the final decision,” he added.

The Board of Governance (BoG) and chairman will pick the former cricketers to comprise the committee. After the committee is formed, BoG will look after administration, legal, financial and other departments, whereas the committee will wholly focus on game-related problems.

He revealed that he has talked to PM Khan about the constitution, where the Board of Governance is formed by four regional and four department personnel.

“No one thinks about what skillset they are bringing in the board,” he said. “I want to adopt the structure of Australia, England, South Africa or New Zealand, where board members are picked on the basis of the board’s requirement and they are completely independent. I want people from industry, lawyers, marketers accountants and other professionals who will add the value.”