India back off from hosting Asia Cup 2018

India back off from hosting Asia Cup 2018

Board of Cricket Control India (BCCI) has withdrawn from hosting Asia Cup 2018 as they cannot host Pakistan due to political pressure, ARY News reported.

Pakistan and India are going through a rough political patch. India have already backed off from their signed MoU of playing bilateral series with Pakistan.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sent the neighbouring country’s cricketing body a notice of $60m to compensate their loss that incurred in a result of BCCI’s refusal of fulfilling their commitment.

PCB had earlier demanded from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to shift the venue of Asia Cup 2018 from India to some other country.

Now it has been learned that India is not willing to host Asia Cup due to Pakistan’s participation in the tournament.

Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has not confirmed the news yet.

However, the decision for the venue of Asia Cup 2018 will be taken in the ACC meeting on December 18th.

India once refused to take part in the Asia Cup in 1985 and once Pakistan withdrew from participating in the tournament in 1990 due to poor political relations between the two countries.