India-Pakistan contests are healthy for global cricket: Mani


Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s chairman Ehsan Mani thinks that India-Pakistan contests can highly benefit the growth of cricket globally but unfortunately Indian government policies make it impossible. 

Speaking to Cricbuzz, PCB chief said that India vs Pakistan contests are most-watched contests around the world but fans get a chance to see arch-rivals playing against each other only in Asian and International tournaments.

“Pakistan-India matches are the most-watched cricket matches in the world. However, apart from ICC and ACC events, we do not play against each other due to the policy of the Indian Government,” he said.

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“It is good for the health of global cricket that we play against each other, however, in our planning we do not take into account any bilateral series against India,” he added.

Moreover, Mani said that PCB always kept the well-being of world cricket on top priority and has had no issues with BCCI.

“PCB has no issues with BCCI. I do not have a fear that some countries will put their interests ahead of what is good for the game as a whole. We all owe a duty of care to the global game and the well-being of world cricket and not put our short term interests before it,” he maintained.

It must be noted here that Pakistan and India haven’t played a bilateral series since 2012. Arch-rivals only meet in ICC and ACC events.

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