India shows interest in PSL


Pakistan Super League is moving in the right direction with every passing day. Recent statement from the PCB chairman Shahryar Khan has indicated that people from all over the global cricket fraternity are interested in owning a franchise especially India, England and Australia. Considering the amount of money and resources the Pakistan Cricket Board is willing to spend on this mega event, this news will play a positive role in helping them achieve their objectives.

The interest shown from personalities across the border is particularly refreshing keeping in mind the political tensions between the two countries and the competition with Indian Premier League. England and Australia have their own successful T20 leagues namely the T20 Blast and Big Bash so investors from that part of the world would have pinned high hopes from PSL. This reinstates the fact that careful planning and marketing is vital to keep them interested.

Generating substantial interest from India would mean a lot for PSL as they are experienced enough to successfully promote a franchise on the bigger stage courtesy IPL and up to date marketing strategies.  This would also form some sort of a connection between the most successful Indian T20 and the emerging PSL as well as helping PSL settle on the world stage.

Although the logo launching ceremony was not up to the mark due to poor broadcasting schedule, lack of focus on important matters related to the league and so on. But unlike his predecessors the PCB chief admitted that they did make some mistakes during the event but he went on to say that other leagues are also brought up in the same fashion featuring movie stars and elite personalities from all spheres of life. He was adamant that moving forward such mistakes will not be recurrent and this should be the case because you don’t want to disappoint the foreign investors at the very beginning.

Bringing PSL to the shores of Pakistan is going to be the next big challenge for the authorities related after they have successfully organized the first season. After all its Pakistan’s league so not matter how affluent it is in UAE the league has to come back home. Regarding this issue Khan was hopeful that after the military operation things will be back on track and PSL would be arranged on home soil.