India to play Pakistan on its own terms


The Indian cricket board wants a series in India rather than in Pakistan or UAE. The news was broken by the local Indian media ‘The Hindu’ where BCCI president Manohar was quoted saying

 “We are committed to playing Pakistan in December. However, since it’s not possible to play them in Pakistan or the UAE, we have to look at playing the series in Northern India in December,”

It should be noted that the series is scheduled to take place in Pakistan and UAE rather than India and if it does not take place then Pakistan board will suffer a lot of loss in terms of revenue but having said that this is the first time a positive gesture has been seen from the Indian board.

Manohar also added that they can only play a series with Pakistan if the Indain government allows them to do so.

“To play against Pakistan we need to get government permission. So we need to speak to the government and abide by whatever decision the government takes,”


India wants series in their own Country by arynews