Indian batsmen are selfish says ‘Maxwell’


Australia’s outstanding batsman Glenn Maxwell says Indian batsmen are the players playing for themselves.
Maxwell who was declared as the ‘Best Player’ wining the third One-Day against India said ‘Indian batsmen were probably trying to ensure they might cross some mile stone, some people lay more emphasis crossing mile stones while others do not.

The aggressive Australian batsman said ” If mile stones have so much importance for you, then you do need to achieve them, for me they have never been important.”

However he accepted that Indian players played well in the third ODI, their bowling and batting was much better than the previous matches.

On the other end when asked about Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s performance from captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni, he defended his team and said don’t ask me further details rather have a look at the statistics.

Referring to the team’s performance, Dhoni said rather than discussing these matters its better to identify the areas where we lack and are playing bad and where improvement is required.

He criticized his fielders and said if the best fielders start committing mistakes then you can’t blame the fielding practice.

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