Another nerve-wracking Indo-Pak encounter awaits us

Another nerve-wracking Indo-Pak encounter awaits us

“It’s clearly over the line, it’s a no ball; comeback Fakhar Zaman” Alas! what a momentous day to be alive. Months have been passed but Bumrah’s no ball still makes our heart race whenever it flashes upon our mind and yet, another nerve-wracking encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan awaits us on September, 19.

With the most anticipated and sought-after Asia Cup sitting at our doorsteps giving every cricket aficionado the heebie-jeebies, let’s go through a few encounters between India and Pakistan that should be written in the golden book of cricket if anyone publishes it ever.

The first encounter amid India and Pakistan, 1952:

Let’s trace back to the time when Pakistan faced India for the first time with an empty bag of experience for a five-match test series in Delhi in 1952. Though Pakistan team was truly raw contrary to the experienced Indian team, it turned out to be a neck to neck battle that was won by India 2-1.

Pakistan’s first ever Test match against India in Delhi

India Pakistan Austral-Asia Cup encounter, 1986:

In 1986, India Pakistan again confronted each other in the most historic Austral-Asia cup ever. Pakistan needed four runs to win the match off the last ball, and Javed Miandad shot an unanticipated sixer to Chetan Sharma and clinched victory by 4 runs leaving everyone almost on the verge of having heart-attack, and like that Miandad embedded a historic win in the history of Pak-Indo cricket.

Miandad’s last-ball sixer

2000 Asia Cup match:

Cricket encounter between two Asian giants has always been nerve-racking and making our hair stand on ends.

Another edgy face-off dated back to 2000 Asia Cup, when both teams played exceptionally well with every player utilizing his strengths to the fullest, and elevating their fans spirits to the seventh sky, but in the end Pakistan managed to sweep India by 44 runs with Mohammad Yousuf’s unbeaten century, flanked by Moin Khan’s 46 and Saeed Anwar’s 43.

2014 Asia Cup:

Recalling the most memorable Indo-Pak matches, we certainly cannot get over the final of 2014 Asia cup. Both teams were at their highs, making it difficult almost impossible for cricket analytics to anticipate the outcome. Many times it seemed Pakistan would lose this match but then unpredictably predictable ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi devastated India by hitting two sixes in the last over bowled by Ashwin. What seemed like a never-ending battle ended with Pakistan as the winner. Pakistan gained a narrow victory by just 1 wicket, marking it the most enticing encounter between arch-rivals of all Asia Cup matches.

Let’s have a look of the last over:

2017 Champions Trophy:

Does it need to be recalled Champions Trophy final? I don’t think so as it has stored up in the back of our mind for eternity. There are so many likewise encounters that left us gasping for a breath, Nonetheless, more thrilling one is yet to come.

The defining moment

As the Virat Kohli pulled himself out of the tournament, Chances for Pakistan to win their first encounter after Champions trophy likely to be much more astronomical. But, since we all enlightened with the national team’s habit of disappointing us in the most crucial moments, let’s just not set our hopes high.