“Indo-Pak series is bigger than the Ashes ” Zaheer Abbas


ICC president and popularly known as the Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbas has said that the Indo-Pak series is a big event and even said that it is a bigger and more important series that the Ashes.

As reported by NDTV he said “Unfortunately the ICC can’t do anything in this matter since it is a bilateral series but definitely for cricket Pakistan and India playing against each other is important. Their series is bigger than the Ashes,” he said.

H was not happy to see Younis Khan become Pakistan’s top scorer in a home series played away from home. He thought that Younis deserved to acheive this feat infron of his home crowd rather than away.

“It is a shame this is the situation. It is unfortunate that Younis Khan set a new batting record for his country in a ‘home’ series but outside Pakistan,” Zaheer said.

Young players learn a lot from watching their players play in front of them and tend to get attracted towards the game and Zaheer was extremely sad to see that such an opportunity is no longer available to Pakistan domestic and upcoming youngsters.

“We don’t have any home ground at the moment. Our youngsters and fans are deprived off the chance to watch and meet their heroes in their own country,” he said.

“It has made a difference to our cricket to our young players they don’t get to play international teams at home.”

He said that seeing how the crowd gathered in large numbers for the matches against Zimbabwe in Lahore was a pleasing sight and shows Pakistan’s hunger of international in their own backyard.

“The way our people thronged to the Gaddafi stadium to watch the matches against Zimbabwe shows how much they are missing witnessing international matches at home.”

“He is our pride and I wish to see him scoring not 10,000 but 15,000 Test runs and at home as well,” Zaheer said.