Indo-Pak series: The decisive day


The Pakistan cricket Board’s chairman Shaharyar Khan had made it absolutely clear that the Indian government and Board should confirm the series in the next couple of days and today is the last day of the deadline.

The future of the series is still uncertain as the Indian government have not given out their official verdict on the series but at one stage the series seemed certain but pressure from the Indian media and political scenario made them back out once again. But having said that it is interesting to note that the BCCI is pretty much in favor of the series in Sri Lanka and the Indian sports ministry along with IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla also backed the series.


As time passes the chances of the series in Sri Lanka are reducing and unlikely to take place in the near future. It is unfortunate to see such a sorry state of affairs between the arch rivals because the whole cricketing fraternity loves to watch this high intensity clash. You can be rest assured that not only both the nations involved will rue this missed opportunity but also the whole cricket family will feel the impact.