Inquiry to be conducted in Moin’s Casino visit: Shaharyar Khan


Lahore: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Shaharyar Khan says inquiry will be conducted in chief selector Moin Khan’s visit to a Casino in Christchurch.

“Yes, an investigation is underway but a decision will be taken only after all facts are known. I only take a decision after knowing every fact regarding any in observation,” Shaharyar told reporters on Monday.

A video went viral showing Moin Khan in a Casino apparently before Pakistan’s match against West Indies on Saturday.

However, Shaharyar said that according to the initial information, Moin went to the Casino two days before the match.

“However, still it was unacceptable since the team is in important World Cup campaign. But any decision will be taken after investigation is complete. Moin will stay with the team and could be called and may be not on the basis of investigation report, not before that,” Shaharyar explained.

However, he rubbished media reports that there were rifts in the team.

“I have talked to everyone – Misbah, Moin and Waqar and everyone have told me that the team is united and there were no differences or so-called rifts in the team or management,” Shaharyar said.

Shaharyar said that nation was disappointed for team’s below par performance and they feel sorry for it.

“But In Sha Allah we will qualify for quarterfinals and once we win one match, we will start winning more matches. See now, after being defeated twice England has record their first victory, so we are not alone and the team hopefully will bounce back,” he said.

He added that the team should not fear a defeat and go all out with optimism and enjoy the game.

“After all it is just game and they should enjoy it rather than crumbling under pressure out of fear of losing,” he said.

He advised the team to revive ‘cornered tigers’ spirit – as Imran Khan described it back then in World Cup 1992.

“Our players should play their best in the World Cup and as Imran Khan had said – play like cornered tigers,” he added.